Gentle Whispers


Gentle Whispers

gentle whispers fill my ear
and love and laughter reappear
as I go strolling memory’s lane
still perfumed by a summers rain
when you and I did still exist
lamenting over sunsets missed
and morning smiles, with sleepy eyes
and dreams we should have realized…

I wonder for the life of me
if things are ever ” meant to be “,
if heaven could be so unkind
to let us lose, the love we find
we search for hope within the loss
like sunshine on the morning frost
to warm our hearts and melt our fears
and bring us comfort through the years…

gentle whispers of your voice
remind me that I made the choice
to trust the future, bless the pain
and pray that I may love again
yet in my heart, still locked away
my savior for the lonely days
when smells of autumn bring you near
with gentle whispers, in my ear…

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