Leaping from the ceiling
diving straight into your eyes
where I search for affirmation
for the love behind the sighs
In a world of broken promise
I’m still dancing with a few
I can see inside your shadows
that you feel the same way too..

there’s a hundred old time movies
where the hero saves the day
and the sweet and sexy maiden
hopes he’ll never go away
I’m no blazing six-gun shooter
making all your dreams come true
but I’d take on any army
just to bring you one or two..

touch me softly in the darkness
trace your fingers on my face
feel me press against your body
I’ve been searching for this place
wrap me tightly with desire
in a blanket made of you
there’s no clearer view of heaven
when you love me like you do..

how you melt my heart by saying
that you feel the same way too….

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