Belly Kisses


Belly Kisses

dawn to dusk
sunrise to sunset
morning to night
these are the only times I miss you
the only times I look for a message,
a love letter, a picture…
any little reason
for my heart to soar
my fantasies to play
and my poetry to flow…
the only times…

when I sleep
you are mine.
my lover, my woman, my friend.
me, the sophisticated and smooth
you know,
the guy who always gets the girl
in a late, late show
and you…
so everything that is right with the world.

It’s my dream
and I write the script
sorry, but you’re much more agreeable
on my terms
in my arms
in a lovers passionate rumble
where debts are paid
with belly kisses
and runaway tongues…

I love the taste
of love.

Spend another night with me, darling
you always end up smiling
in my dreams

I wouldn’t want you any other way…

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