Sometimes Winter


Sometimes Winter

as a matter of opinion
I believe it’s in the eyes
they’re the windows of emotion
and the resting place of sighs
and to gaze into the crystal
colored treasures of your soul
leaves me breathless with a longing
and a need I can’t control

you’re an innocent survivor
you’re a victim of the crime
in the laws of human nature
we all have to do the time
but the fairy tales of children
always reach the perfect end
take a gamble on your yearning
to believe in them again

I guess love is like the seasons
sometimes winter, sometimes spring
filled with thunderstorms of autumn
and the rainbows that they bring
when the shadows come a-calling
don’t forget your inner light
as it guides you ever gently
to the dawn of love so right

there’s angelic celebration
when two kindred souls unite..

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