Imaginary Wine


Resize of wine

Imaginary Wine

I poured you here this evening
from a bottle buried deep
in a room that smells of springtime
where the hopes of lovers sleep
with the clarity of crystal
and a renaissance design
you dance off my lips with music
and imaginary wine…

I cracked my door this morning
to the humming of the breeze
bringing news of brilliant colors
and some samples, from the trees
I was swept away completely
singing words I won’t rescind
you blow through the cracks of heartache
with imaginary wind…

I wandered through the gardens
searching for the perfect shades
to describe my inner comfort
when your spirit plays charades
as you fill my highest visions
with desires of the night
where our souls might dance together
in imaginary light…

for a moment, I’m not sure…but
I’m imagining this….

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