streetlight dancer


from my softly lit corner
I battle unseen forces
filling my head with words and images,
what ifs and forget-me-nots
so it’s only fair
that you feel my pain a little (?)

discovering you through the wires
that run out of my screen
and straight into my heart
don’t think for a moment
that you’re not responsible
for a skipped beat or two

in my head it’s all beautiful.
a bottle of wine
a sky full of stars
and you,
dancing in the streetlight
with me
your captive audience
egging you on…

I look through your words
to share your view
and yet it’s not quite the same
as climbing up there with you
and looking out as one
to the world below
where I can’t help but wonder
if you’d see the same thing
as me….

and just what color are your eyes ?

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