your lips
are filled with hesitation
yet your eyes
“I surrender”

and on this night,
at this moment
a vacuum of love
pulls us together

yes, I want you,
but I will wait for your mouth
to agree.
not that I couldn’t spend hours
on your neck
or tracing constellations
down your back..
kisses should be applied slowly…
until they come alive
in uninhibited dance

fear and love
can’t breathe in the same room
and on this night,
at this moment

I am breathless





on this February evening
as the clouds prepare to rain
I fill pockets full of reasons
I won’t risk the storm again
with a deeper understanding
than my foolish heart might show
I still walk the streets of sorrow
where the wounded lovers go

there’s not many things I long for
I’m content with smaller things
like the gentle touch of autumn
and the wonder that it brings
I am all about creation
and for making something good
and I’m sorry for the times
that this has been misunderstood

I believe in introspection
finding out who lives within
standing strong on your convictions
lose the selfish need to win
I am spirit, I am being
I’m a poet, through and through
In the solitary moments
what does living mean to you ?





hold still…
while I inscribe
love’s innuendo’s
on the inside
of your thighs
with words
flavored by honey
teasing tongue

you are desire
put to flesh.

you are desire.

you are.




ever the explorer
as you hurry through your day
leaving smiles, leaving laughter
spreading love along the way
with your little legs of fire
you go racing toward the sun
with the energy of armies
with a mission never done

quiet little dreamer
smelling something in the air
unrestrained by man or mountain
with an endless love so rare
you have eyes of ancient wisdom
and your heart remembers when
every time you soothed a heartache
every time you made a friend

weave your magic, little Mingo
till you pass my way again…

  •  When I lived in Florida,  I would sit and write my songs and poems in a park along the water in Stuart, FL .Mingo was a white poodle who would run freely through the park,  with his owner always following behind. He would always come up to say hello, sit for a minute and then hurry on his way to greet the other morning people watching the sunrise. 🙂 *

Brimstone & The Fire



Brimstone & The Fire

It’s a night of nervous laughter
as the conversation wanes
cause I don’t know what we’re after
and I catch you changing lanes
in a fantasy of lovers
I’m the hero on the steed
we could dive beneath the covers
but that isn’t what you need.

You’re a flower in the garden
pushing out beneath the frost
and you’re reaching for the sunshine
you’ll survive at any cost
you’re a mile south of springtime
and a thousand tears from May
don’t give up on dreams of blooming
cause you’re stronger every day.

I don’t know why love is fleeting
I can only speak for me
it’s your heart alone, you’re cheating
if you live it casually
it’s the brimstone and the fire
as my heart beats in my chest
when I hold you in the darkness
I can live without the rest….

never settle for convenience..
no one strives for second best…..

Between The Lines




Between The Lines

slipping from the shadows
to the now near empty street
where a couple hearts lay broken
and the moon admits defeat
as she dances with the reasons
and he swears he must be blind
there’s no victim in the story
they’re just lost between the lines

every life is simply surfing
on the universal tide
where at any given moment
comes a wave you long to ride
there’s no way to see the future
if you stay or if you go
so believe the inner voices
if you feel it, you will know

I know life could be so easy
if I just turned off my brain
if I stored my cape in mothballs
and just married Lois Lane
but, alas, it’s not that easy
I’ve got madness by design
pulling secrets from the shadows
where I live, between the lines…

Dream Trap


Dream Trap

it was always
your fault…

setting dream traps
on the path
where my spirit
goes to play

and I,
ever curious,
always wandering in…

snagged by your sonnets
softly surrendering
secrets of my soul…

covered in the colors
of your canvas confessions
you had left there
to dry…

held by your heart songs
with harmonies hammered

when love looks good on paper
you can’t help but long for more…

it was never
your fault…

Let’s Make Memories…


Let’s Make Memories…

let’s make memories
from the magic of your touch
on journeys where my canvas
longs to meet your finger’s brush
with midnight sighs, and lullabies
and kisses in the rain
let’s make memories
and let’s make them
once again…

let’s make memories
with an ancient holy vow
that binds our hearts with promises
that only love allows
as time unwinds, we’ll wait behind
to walk along the shore
let’s make memories
we can keep for evermore…

yes, let’s make memories…
‘cause that’s what love
is for…





entering slowly…
this private space
where her love was
over every inch
of wall and ceiling
I drew my
fur-lined tweezers
from love’s holster
and started the
monumentally worthwhile
of putting her heart
back together

Beyond Compare



( One of my song lyrics with no music )

Beyond Compare

your Valentine’s been purchased
and there’s candy by the door
you would have loved the flowers
that I bought the year before
I can’t wait to see you smile
as I pour your favorite wine
and toast the day
I finally make you mine..

I looked for you at Christmas
as I wandered through the mall
imagining your laughter
and the way your hair would fall
I found the cutest earrings
and they waited neath the tree
for love to guide your lonely heart to me..


It’s been extra hard today
but I’m trying to be strong
as I wait to greet the lover
I have dreamed about so long
I just know she’s on the way
cause I can feel it in the air
she’s bound to put the picture to the words…
beyond compare..


perhaps we’ll dance in springtime
with fresh flowers all around
romantic dreams and wishes
planted gently in the ground
and lots of morning sunshine
on the garden of our heart
a promise that we’ll never be apart…


It’s been extra hard today
but I’m trying to be strong
as I wait to greet the lover
I have dreamed about so long
I just know she’s on the way
cause I can feel it in the air
she’s bound to put the meaning to the words…
beyond compare..