Brimstone & The Fire



Brimstone & The Fire

It’s a night of nervous laughter
as the conversation wanes
cause I don’t know what we’re after
and I catch you changing lanes
in a fantasy of lovers
I’m the hero on the steed
we could dive beneath the covers
but that isn’t what you need.

You’re a flower in the garden
pushing out beneath the frost
and you’re reaching for the sunshine
you’ll survive at any cost
you’re a mile south of springtime
and a thousand tears from May
don’t give up on dreams of blooming
cause you’re stronger every day.

I don’t know why love is fleeting
I can only speak for me
it’s your heart alone, you’re cheating
if you live it casually
it’s the brimstone and the fire
as my heart beats in my chest
when I hold you in the darkness
I can live without the rest….

never settle for convenience..
no one strives for second best…..

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