ever the explorer
as you hurry through your day
leaving smiles, leaving laughter
spreading love along the way
with your little legs of fire
you go racing toward the sun
with the energy of armies
with a mission never done

quiet little dreamer
smelling something in the air
unrestrained by man or mountain
with an endless love so rare
you have eyes of ancient wisdom
and your heart remembers when
every time you soothed a heartache
every time you made a friend

weave your magic, little Mingo
till you pass my way again…

  •  When I lived in Florida,  I would sit and write my songs and poems in a park along the water in Stuart, FL .Mingo was a white poodle who would run freely through the park,  with his owner always following behind. He would always come up to say hello, sit for a minute and then hurry on his way to greet the other morning people watching the sunrise. 🙂 *

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