what shall I write you
that will keep you near
when lips can’t touch
and hands won’t reach
and words are my only hope
to slip inside you
and convince you
to stay…

what can I show you
when the door is closing
and the sun sinks down
so final and cold
as it seeks it’s own warmth
on a colorless day
with tomorrow
only a passing thought

If I could show you my heart
you’d see how much bigger it is
since you came along
you might hear the music in my step
or see the wind
always at my back
my head held high
from lofty thoughts
of you

If you could borrow my soul
and see it’s brilliance
that you helped to shine
and the deepness
that I never knew was there
that now cries out
like a spoiled child,

I love who I am.
I love that you brought me
to the edge of me
and dared me to jump in…

and I love you.
you know how I mean,
and I know how I mean
it’s not always the same.

so what can I write you
that says thank you and goodbye
and please don’t go
all at the same time ?
I remain grateful
for you..

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