be still.

close your eyes,
your shadow is trying
to catch up
with you
and you will never do
all that you want to do
in one lifetime.
let’s save a few afternoons,
some morning coffees
and dark chocolate evenings
for another time
and place

let me find you
in early autumn
when the colors begin to bleed
from the soft veins
of the forest,
in her own
sacrificial suicide
for the coming spring

hold me here
when the chill
shakes my comfort
and the high pitched howl
of winter night
leaves me sleepless
and insecure
in moments
when I just might not be
good enough
for you

stay connected
with strong words
and solid promises
of mainly just
trying to do
the best we each can do,
because time plays some games
we are not allowed to see
if we just do nice things
for each other every day
life and love
can’t help but
bless our union

you are to me
the icing on the cake,
the warmth in the desire
more precious
than any gift
I’ve ever received

be still.

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