star filled aspirations
always shooting…
always just out of reach

green-eyed inspirations
what I already knew

love knows no limits
until we set the rules

the only time
really got weird

was when you
went away…

In The Time ( It Takes To Love You )


In The Time ( It Takes To Love You )

in the time it takes to hold you
I’ve gone dancing with the stars
to the rhythm of the oceans
and the pulse of steel guitars
I’m surrounded by the aura
of a moonlight rhapsody
and your arms describe the beauty
in a perfect harmony

in the time it takes to kiss you
I’ve gone swimming in your eyes
diving deep in liquid laughter
where the springs of love arise
such a crystal clear devotion
such a simple honesty
I am twice the man I’ve dreamed of
when you’re gazing back at me

in the time it takes to love you
I have come to understand
that the door to ever after
is best opened, hand in hand
as your kind and gentle nature
brings an educated smile
in the time it takes to love you..
you have loved me, all the while…

Fork In The Road


Fork In The Road

There’s a fork in the road
and I can’t clearly see
if the path that you’re choosing
is the same one as me
I believe in your words
and I need them so bad
you’re the love of my life
and I’m lonely and sad
there’s a fork in the road…

there’s a time in your life
when it matters to be
not just happy with you
but still happy with me
you may give all you’ve got
and get less in return
but the paths broken off
and there’s cause for concern
there’s a fork in the road..

there’s a fork in the road
and I’m taking your hand
and I’m pulling you close
on this path where we stand
it’s together I crave
and tomorrow I need
and it’s only your love
that can make me proceed

there’s a fork in the road….




You’re my unrequited lover
you’re my private little sin
still, I’m dancing in my corner
set to take it on the chin
I’m excited by the pleasure
of a brush against your skin
till your eyes lock into mine and
leave me breathless, once again….

I’m the ever eager bloodhound
living only for the chase
you’re the soft and sexy princess
dressed in alabaster lace
and I long to be your lover
but I’m proud to be your friend
for the way you smile gently
leaves me breathless, once again..

I may never know the pleasure
of your breath upon my face
or to taste the night at sunset
while I drown in your embrace
yet, I’ll wait upon the threshold
on the chance of slipping in
it’s the love that dreams are made of
and I’m breathless , once again…

Mystery Of Your Smile


Mystery Of Your Smile

with well-rehearsed indifference
you meander through the crowd
on your own romantic journey
and your head up in the clouds
while every man is captured
by your beauty, and your style
and longs to learn the reason
for the mystery of your smile…

you’re like a leaf in autumn
blowing gently in the breeze
to settle for awhile
in the shade beneath the trees
with eyes of buried treasure
on your own deserted isle
they yearn to know the reason
for the mystery of your smile…

the mystery of your smile
as it glows upon your face
from thoughts that mirror heaven
or a lover’s warm embrace
a man would sure be lucky
if he knew, for just a while
that he’s the only reason
for the mystery of your smile…