buried alive
by your preconceived notions
drowned in the tears
of your unfulfilled dreams
many were worthy
who traveled before me
only to starve
in your land of extremes

you must believe
there’s a time for rebuilding
taking some chances
and feeling some rain
putting to rest
all the blame and confusion
you’d never know love
if you hadn’t felt pain

taking control of
the cost of forgiveness
count yourself worthy
for loving again
deep in the crowd
waits the face of tomorrow
open your eyes
or you’ll never begin

there’s sturdier beams
in the bridges we mend

In Tune


In Tune

your steps..
the beat of my heart
while, I swear,
I heard traffic pass
In harmony

old couples
on benches
humming the melody
as we wrote
love songs
with our

Forever Young


Forever Young

from the middle of the mountain
I take respite from the climb
to look back upon the pathways
I have chosen to be mine
all the bridges, all the boulders
many times I’d slip and fall
trusting faith and intuition
when there was no path at all

I am wiser from the journey
though by body’s growing old
and the stories in my backpack
are more valuable than gold
I’ve found pieces of the puzzle
in the hearts I’ve passed among
with my maps and rainbow visions
and my dreams, forever young

we are movers of the mountain
always reaching for the stars
mixing love with joyful laughter
to bring comfort to the scars
and as we hum the melodies
of seasons that we’ve sung
we smile with the promises
of dreams, forever young…

Secret Code Of Angels


Secret Code Of Angels

It’s the secret code of angels
and I hear it loud and clear
when my thoughts rest on your image
anytime I know you’re near
we don’t always have the answers
we don’t share the how’s or why’s
we’re just there for reassurance
when another angel cries….

it’s a choice we don’t remember
having made so long ago
working with the hand of heaven
helping other souls to grow
no one said it would be easy
living passion, living pain
we just gather up the pieces
and move on to serve again…

it’s the secret code of angels
you’ll remember in the night
when your mortal self is sleeping
you’re an angel taking flight
come and meet me by the water
I can sit and hold your hand
it’s the secret code of angels
and I think you understand…