Changing Sky


Changing Sky

huddle with me
the sky is changing
and you’re still a little girl

I could take you hiking
or chase you through
Japanese gardens

you say you’ve never been…

you could show me kindness
the warmth beneath the stone
the reasons for the pain

I’ve been, but never say…

but not right now
cause’ the sky is changing
and we both still hope
for more…

Drowsy Moon


Drowsy Moon

intoxicated by love
then, slapped cold sober..
the foolish look on my face
lest, I drink so much again..

battles of the heart
the cruelest ones…
the loser
never gets to die..

there’s a drowsy moon tonight
just the solitude I need
as I relive
this sacred war…

Digital Darling


Digital Darling

how many times
can I go there ?
To that place where I tempt fate
and you sleep with reality,
where I whisper possibilities
and you quote facts
where I long to love you
( if only in words )
and you look the other way
throwing scraps to the birds
and leaving me starving…

can’t passion thrive outside of touch ?
if I can imagine kissing you
haven’t I worked harder at love
than just doing it ?
I do imagine…
and it is so real
I can feel the lines in your lips
where you nervously bit them in anticipation of mine.
I can smell the heat
coming off your skin
mixing with desire and yearning,
a smell that has no rival
like you have no rival
in the digital world we meet in
a world where God let me find you
( he doesn’t make mistakes )
and talk with you
and love you
in my own digital way
though my flesh seeks your touch
my heart
just longs for your words..




fireplace flames
beckon me closer
with orange fingers
of disrespect
and dare me
to throw another
dream of love
on the pile
to see how long
it will burn…

I must look like a fuel…

Refrigerator Light



Refrigerator Light

I remember the night
we made love
by the light
of the

the coolness
of the open door…
no match…
for the heat
of summer passion

linoleum love
with kitchen crumb scars
the evidence
of a perfect recipe
of hearts

but now
you are gone

cooking in another kitchen

and my refrigerator light
burned out…. long ago…

I feel no need
to replace it…

Summer Love


Summer Love ( Song Lyrics )

I remember summer love
as it blew through the trees
you, within a perfect sun
painting kisses on me
and if love has a color
it’s partial to blue
cause I feel it now
when I’m thinking of you

never has a winter moon
ever shone like tonight
bitter in his lonely task
he prefers black and white
and there’s always tomorrow
to pack up and go
the roads always there
when you’re ready to grow

I remember summer love
as you wrote it for me
safe within a quiet life
I reflect frequently
and we’re all missing pieces
that puzzle us still
but I remember summer love
and the dreams it fulfilled

Love Endured


Love Endured

love desired, love in vain
travelers on a midnight train
peer through windows in the night
for just a trace of morning light
and shuffle through the passing crowd
designating time allowed
to feed the soul and ease the pain
of love endured and summer rain

crazy thoughts and earthly smiles
prosecuting inner trials
need for love, your only crime
with one eye on the clock of time
fear of ” one-ness ” in your head
of drowning in your king-size bed
with no one there to hear your cries
or kiss the moonlight from your eyes

sit in silence, meditate
take the time to re-create
live a life that’s kind and good
while heaven steers you where it should
trust the voice inside your soul
surrender to it, love’s control
be patient for desires weaved
and grateful for the gifts received…

heaven wants the best for you
unblock the door… and let it through…






Our eyes only met
for a second or two
but I got the feeling
you were looking right through
every urge in my heart
every thought in my head
I tried to retreat
but my thoughts had been read….

I felt so embarrassed
it was all quite bizarre
like a young cookie thief
with my hand in the jar
when I gathered my courage
to find something to say
you’d taken my thoughts
and had wandered away….

Now I’ll never know
your address or your name
and the chance is unlikely
of meeting again
but if you ever read this
you’ll know it’s for you
cause just for a second
I was looking through you…

( and I do believe…
you were thinking that too… )