Love Endured


Love Endured

love desired, love in vain
travelers on a midnight train
peer through windows in the night
for just a trace of morning light
and shuffle through the passing crowd
designating time allowed
to feed the soul and ease the pain
of love endured and summer rain

crazy thoughts and earthly smiles
prosecuting inner trials
need for love, your only crime
with one eye on the clock of time
fear of ” one-ness ” in your head
of drowning in your king-size bed
with no one there to hear your cries
or kiss the moonlight from your eyes

sit in silence, meditate
take the time to re-create
live a life that’s kind and good
while heaven steers you where it should
trust the voice inside your soul
surrender to it, love’s control
be patient for desires weaved
and grateful for the gifts received…

heaven wants the best for you
unblock the door… and let it through…

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