Digital Darling


Digital Darling

how many times
can I go there ?
To that place where I tempt fate
and you sleep with reality,
where I whisper possibilities
and you quote facts
where I long to love you
( if only in words )
and you look the other way
throwing scraps to the birds
and leaving me starving…

can’t passion thrive outside of touch ?
if I can imagine kissing you
haven’t I worked harder at love
than just doing it ?
I do imagine…
and it is so real
I can feel the lines in your lips
where you nervously bit them in anticipation of mine.
I can smell the heat
coming off your skin
mixing with desire and yearning,
a smell that has no rival
like you have no rival
in the digital world we meet in
a world where God let me find you
( he doesn’t make mistakes )
and talk with you
and love you
in my own digital way
though my flesh seeks your touch
my heart
just longs for your words..

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