Dream Trap



Dream Trap

it was always
your fault…

setting dream traps
on the path
where my spirit
goes to play

and I,
ever curious,
always wandering in…

snagged by your sonnets
softly surrendering
secrets of my soul…

covered in the colors
of your canvas confessions
you had left there
to dry…

held by your heart songs
with harmonies hammered

when love looks good on paper
you can’t help but long for more…

it was never
your fault…

Sweet Little Lady


Sweet Little Lady

sweet little lady
I’ve watched from afar
admiring the beautiful
dreamer you are
with hopes in your pockets
and wings on your feet
you search for the pieces
to make you complete

eyes that are wary
from pain in the past
the walls have gone up
but I’m sure they won’t last
cause pebble by pebble
I’ll help you to see
that risking it all
is the way to break free

soft and alluring
with no sense at all
of how I’ve been captured
or how hard I fall
competing with life
with your heart as the prize
content with the warmth
that I find in your eyes

sweet little lady
I may never know
the taste of your lips
or your moans, soft and low
but still I feel lucky
for moments in time
I reached for the roses
and dreamt you were mine..





I dream
of umbrella afternoons
with you.
your legs
poured into your shorts
teasing me
through shiny lips
that always pause
between “love” and “ you”
as if rechecking the possibilities
before awarding me
first place

I don’t mind, you know
you’re always here
by choice
lucky as I am
you’ve chosen to stay
this long

life is a series
of relationships
a sharing of gifts,
and the gifts
you’ve given me
( unaware as you might be )
run through my blood
giving me peace and comfort
I think sometimes
about silver and gold
and if it’s really the sun
warming me up
as much as my thoughts of you
I think too much, sometimes
when I am quite content
just holding you in the darkness
hoping my luck
doesn’t change