The Sun Is Going Down



The Sun Is Going Down

give me just a moment longer
while I memorize your face
with the color of your laughter
and the smell of your embrace
you’re my favorite midnight memory
when I wrestle with the night
but the sun is going down
and you’re a masterpiece tonight

we have pockets full of wishes
we collect along the way
but I find I want for nothing
when I have you here this way
I may never find the words
to make an angel, gasp or sigh
but the sun is going down
and if you’ll stay, I’d love to try

yes, the sun is going down
and even he won’t say goodbye…




with my head in Carolina
and my feet in basic black
I write indiscreet directions
for a countryside attack
there’s no bargaining position
from a heart in disrepair
everybody needs salvation
I just need some mountain air

take me high up in the Smokies
on the Appalachian Trail
where my feet can match the rhythm
of my heart as I inhale
there’s a breath for indecision
there’s a step towards something new
when you’re hiking in the mountains
inspiration walks with you

from the silence of the forest
comes the music of your soul
to remind you of your purpose
and to hand you back control
freeze the beauty of the moment
take it with you when you leave
everybody needs a mountain
in this land of make-believe

Cinderella Moon


Cinderella Moon

I cross the edge of fantasy
and pull you from the shelf
where time has stacked the memories
I couldn’t save myself
the story of a princess
and a man who left too soon
it isn’t hard believing
in a Cinderella moon…

I’ve scrambled up the beanstalk
searching for the golden prize
I’ve sworn the sky was falling
though I never realized
the wind was tossing playfully
my beautiful balloon
and all is well in heaven
in a Cinderella moon…

I can’t believe you never lost
your sweet December grace
I’m grateful for the moments
and the smile on my face
we’re out of sight of April
and within the breath of June
the pieces fall together
in a Cinderella moon..

beautiful words


beautiful words

you give me such gifts..
I wish I could give you some back

like the gentleness and
peacefulness I have found in love,
for the inspiration of you
that fills my soul,
and yes, my heart.
it enters my head
and ties up my tongue
and dances down my sleeve
to form beautiful words
of desire
for you.

How I do desire you.

The foolish dream
of an innocent man
who doesn’t understand yet
why love can’t be.
Love is love.
Love is.

Love knows nothing
about age, color
or wealth or pride
Love is.

Why do we think we have better
rules for love, than love ?

beautiful words
my love,
may never be enough
and yet, I still believe
that one day
I may find the right words
to cause you to desire
something more.

I know how to touch you
to kiss you
to love you deep, with passion
as love longs to be.

Until that day,
my love
I’ll send bouquets
of beautiful words
always in your favorite colors
to keep you walking
that thin tightrope
of wants and needs
the battle of the head
and the hungry heart

in hopes that one day
you’ll fall…

Fire In The Forest


Fire In The Forest

seasons change
everything changes
like the way you are mine
just not here
and just not now

and the way the leaves
turn to dust
then crawl back up the trees
to become leaves again…

autumn’s here
I can smell the fireplaces
silent wishes, lovers’ dreams
tossed into the flame
with hopes
they’ll find their way to you

there’s a fire in the forest
love burns bright
and you’ve been seen
with matches…

Evening Rain


Evening Rain

evening rain falls
amidst the storm
in my heart

tossed by the possibilities
lost by the distance
captured by your smile

leaves fall
not caring where they land
always filling
a perfect piece
of the picture

a purpose
for every place
they go

evening rain falls
sympathy tears
for lovers
while I sit
our lips…
separated at birth…




you tear at the fabric
of your soul
not understanding
how loving me
and leaving me
are reasonable
to an enlightened man

you’ve given your love to me
though, it has changed in intensity,
and meaning,
with time..
and I would never…
could never…
feel unloved by you again.

no one says we must stay forever together.

and though the pain
of the change
and the empty echo
of the halls
will resonate inside,
what you love..
and where you love..
are all you have, to keep you alive..

I do not have to lose you
to let you go..
we may take different paths from here,
but our love remains a home..
forever in our hearts..