beautiful words


beautiful words

you give me such gifts..
I wish I could give you some back

like the gentleness and
peacefulness I have found in love,
for the inspiration of you
that fills my soul,
and yes, my heart.
it enters my head
and ties up my tongue
and dances down my sleeve
to form beautiful words
of desire
for you.

How I do desire you.

The foolish dream
of an innocent man
who doesn’t understand yet
why love can’t be.
Love is love.
Love is.

Love knows nothing
about age, color
or wealth or pride
Love is.

Why do we think we have better
rules for love, than love ?

beautiful words
my love,
may never be enough
and yet, I still believe
that one day
I may find the right words
to cause you to desire
something more.

I know how to touch you
to kiss you
to love you deep, with passion
as love longs to be.

Until that day,
my love
I’ll send bouquets
of beautiful words
always in your favorite colors
to keep you walking
that thin tightrope
of wants and needs
the battle of the head
and the hungry heart

in hopes that one day
you’ll fall…

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