I’m leaving..
it’s true.
whether by my hand
or yours
is not important,
but that I know where
tomorrow should point
matters most

we all walk this earth
with different levels
of awareness
sometimes we gain ground,
sometimes we lose,
sometimes we can walk together for awhile
and sometimes
we need to walk

simple facts
don’t seem to matter
to most.
creating your own reasons
for my decisions
certainly clears your
but my words,
and direction
have always been true..
have yours ?

Maybe I love too easily
maybe too hard
yet, love
is a wonderful trait to have
to give freely,
to plant
and watch for spring.
not every garden
will flourish…
it has a lot to do
with the tending

so make up your reasons,
your mysteries,
for my journey..
but be aware
that it keeps you
from moving
on your own…

is the most important gift
you can give



I deserved better.

in this wicked world
who still believes
in love
has to remember
that most others…
do not.

It is the loneliest
hiding their faces
in their hands
during early evening
bouts of insanity
where the
only hope for peace..
is sleep

sleep never comes.
love never lasts.
and the passing of this day
brings me no closer
to the morning

Love You More




Love You More

today, I vow.. to love you more
not that I ever missed a moment
you see,
my mind, my day, my heart
are all filled up with you
your precious smile
those laughing eyes…
your words…

your springtime words

still, you are so elusive
coming to me at moments
so sweet
and leaving me lost in the desert
of desire, for days
I need to drink you
I need you now

put away all the excuses
just for a few moments
and feed me, love
restart my heart
stir up my soul
it’s you , who writes my words

so today, I’ll love you more
maybe you will feel it
maybe you will smile
either way
love , like water
finds it’s own balance

but today, I’ll love you more…

Look For Love


Look For Love

There’s a place beyond the heartache
and it’s only time away
where the rain divides the seasons
springing April into May
there’s a chance for new beginnings
from the winter’s bitter taste
you don’t have to look for love
but keep an eye out, just in case…

you are broken, you are weary
you deserved a better fate
always going through the motions
too distraught to concentrate
while the fog is slowly lifting
and the sun begins to show
you don’t have to look for love
but if it’s calling, say hello…

with no promises in living
and no answer in the skies
you can search their eyes for reasons
and still struggle with goodbyes
but tomorrow’s surely coming
with a chance to sink or swim
you don’t have to look for love
but if it’s knocking, let it in…

you don’t have to look for love
but, why not try it once again…

Just So Many Mornings


Just So Many Mornings

just so many mornings

limited chances
to beat the butterflies
to the flowers

and still,
step aside and sigh
as they drink
colored coffees

I’m different now..

I’ve regained some
inner light..
behind dark shades,
blank stares
cloudy thoughts..

there are thousands of nights
and millions of stars
to wish you here with me…

but hurry..

for there’s
so many mornings…




Maybe you’ll never read this far.
maybe your interest level peaked
before I hooked you in.
words are funny that way,
a few right, or wrong ones,
can change your life

I just thought everyone understood
kind of like breathing, I thought
everyone needs it
everyone knows how it works.
but maybe it is learned
or not learned
sort of,
like a foreign language

this summer is starting off strong
giving fair warning
of the choking heat ahead
and I need to work
on this winter belly
that has gotten
a bit too lazy
comfortable, maybe
like you and I were…
waiting for the romance
and assuming
the words would come…