I’m leaving..
it’s true.
whether by my hand
or yours
is not important,
but that I know where
tomorrow should point
matters most

we all walk this earth
with different levels
of awareness
sometimes we gain ground,
sometimes we lose,
sometimes we can walk together for awhile
and sometimes
we need to walk

simple facts
don’t seem to matter
to most.
creating your own reasons
for my decisions
certainly clears your
but my words,
and direction
have always been true..
have yours ?

Maybe I love too easily
maybe too hard
yet, love
is a wonderful trait to have
to give freely,
to plant
and watch for spring.
not every garden
will flourish…
it has a lot to do
with the tending

so make up your reasons,
your mysteries,
for my journey..
but be aware
that it keeps you
from moving
on your own…

is the most important gift
you can give

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