Piano Bar



Piano Bar

raindrops crescendo
to a thunderous applause
in my piano bar dream
where we run
our repertoire
on cobblestone keys
with harmonic laughter
and effervescent smiles.
the rain,
our private cover,
for the music




Our eyes only met
for a second or two
but I got the feeling
you were looking right through
every urge in my heart
every thought in my head
I tried to retreat
but my thoughts had been read….

I felt so embarrassed
it was all quite bizarre
like a young cookie thief
with my hand in the jar
when I gathered my courage
to find something to say
you’d taken my thoughts
and had wandered away….

Now I’ll never know
your address or your name
and the chance is unlikely
of meeting again
but if you ever read this
you’ll know it’s for you
cause just for a second
I was looking through you…

( and I do believe…
you were thinking that too… )

Inside Of Me

im nebel

Inside Of Me

Moment by moment
as mysteries go
we search for the reasons
that hearts need to know
with reckless abandon
we barrel right in
so sure of the feelings
we’re feeling again..

with mind over matter
and hearts on our sleeve
we handle emotions
like fall’s changing leaves
the smallness of me
makes it all seem surreal
for sixty or seventy
years I may steal..

I wonder if you
really know what I see
when I look at love
from the inside of me
the smells of the season
of October nights
and just for the moment
it all seems all right…

On The Edge Of You


On The Edge Of You

looking in
from over the wall
I can see your unhappiness
the reasons elude me

people hurt people
and sometimes
there is no forgiveness
to give
it doesn’t mean I don’t want to
but my strength eludes me
these days

my one pillowcase
lies unwrinkled by choice
but I can’t let them wear
someone must seek my comfort

it’s the time
before ‘ goodbye’
that seems to drag on

I encourage your happiness
and I pray for the time
you can stop being
the lonely soul
and just be… you