fanning the flames
where the ashes still smolder
from far away rains
where the winds whisper colder
I pause for a moment
to smile at fragments of you…

where late in the night
through the webs and the wires
you slip by the guard
of my dreams and desires
with music and colors
I’d long since removed from my view…

setting the mood
with your symphonic style
I play unimpressed
but I’ve know for a while
you’ve walked on my shoreline
and crossed every line that I drew…

confronting the reasons
why people grow lonely
I’ve counted the seasons
but seasons count only
when love has a purpose
and life has a need to renew…

and you’ve been reminding me,
may be way overdue…

Goodnight Poet



Goodnight Poet

you’re my goodnight poet
you are…

while your eyes
reflect the blueness
of your spring-filled heart
you take me back
to springs I’ve locked away
full of beautiful innocence
and unfinished sunsets
and soft hands
slipping gently
into mine..

read the love
between the lines
and color it
with the passion
in your heart

you’re my goodnight poet
you are…

as my thoughts
brush back your hair
I dream lips
inches from your neck
that quiver
when I whisper
in your ear…
“goodnight, poet…”

Before you go…

before you go

Before you go…

I’ll hold you close, before you go
and pack the thoughts, you ought to know
the tender kisses in the night
the dreams we share and hold so tight
a thousand seconds tick away
invade the comfort where you lay
for time will pass, and children grow
and hearts will cry, before you go…

I’ll share your memories with the sun
in times I start to come undone
and use the light to keep me brave
when spilling feelings on this page
and slowly wander off to bed
with crumpled covers, left for dead
that rode the passion , to and fro
a lovers trance, before you go…

Come slip beside me one more time
you know the price, you did the crime
you stole my heart and I must pay
and pay, I do, most every day..
If life is filled with special plans,
then hold me in your loving hands
and melt my sorrow, soft and slow
please love me now..
before you go…..



I take the time
for gratefulness

for everything green,
for summer picnic weekends,
and for you
and the way you hang your pictures
with words of blue

my sometimes friend,
with your glass

find your piece
of the peace
in a heart
that bleeds heavy

and then
heals itself,

with love.