Before you go…

before you go

Before you go…

I’ll hold you close, before you go
and pack the thoughts, you ought to know
the tender kisses in the night
the dreams we share and hold so tight
a thousand seconds tick away
invade the comfort where you lay
for time will pass, and children grow
and hearts will cry, before you go…

I’ll share your memories with the sun
in times I start to come undone
and use the light to keep me brave
when spilling feelings on this page
and slowly wander off to bed
with crumpled covers, left for dead
that rode the passion , to and fro
a lovers trance, before you go…

Come slip beside me one more time
you know the price, you did the crime
you stole my heart and I must pay
and pay, I do, most every day..
If life is filled with special plans,
then hold me in your loving hands
and melt my sorrow, soft and slow
please love me now..
before you go…..

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