While He looks down on you,
and I imagine looking up at you,
it’s hard not to feel the possibilites,
the alternatives, the options
never allowed to be spoken

But I feel them, I confess..

If I close my eyes,
I can feel your weight on me
And it’s not just a physical thing..
I can hear our laughter
bouncing off the buildings at night,
I can taste the food from your fingers,
Our every breath , praising Him

But, I’ve read the Book
I know the rules
And I would never break them.

And yet, what if we make a mistake ?
Will He have the mercy to put us back on the path,
does He have a plan we cannot change with bad decisions..
we’re only human , after all.

Meanwhile, I remain..
so grateful for your friendship,
in awe of your faith
and speechless when you wear those glasses….

and always here….


and praying for mercy.





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