15 Minutes


15 Minutes


if you had 15 minutes

to go instantly, anywhere you wanted

where would you go

what would you see ?

would you cross the ocean

climb the mountain at sunrise

or maybe

lay on a tropical beach

to shake those winter blues..


you know where I’d be, girl

inches from your lips

with 14 minutes to spare…


enveloped in your arms

with 12 reasons for  romance,

tracing finger flight plans

on your neck

down your back

where they disappear

into love’s foggy memories


laying you down

with 10 minutes in my pocket

to memorize your face,

your smell…

and of course,

filling all my senses

with the blueprints of you


holding you close

with a solid 7 ( minutes ) between us

teasing your ears

with passionate whispers,

melting together

that I may leave part

of my wholeness



leaving crumbs

of crinkled desire

all around

as the seconds tick away

that I may always find my way

back to love

back to home

back to you…


900 seconds of love

and I’d treasure every one….






Like the currents ever flowing
on a river to the sea
you come rushing up around me
just to tease me playfully
and I’m drowning in desire
from the flood within my heart
but the tide that keeps you distant
has been haunting from the start…

I can feel you in the evening
in a chilly gust of wind
as I pull the covers tighter
to protect the warmth within
you’re not really here for comfort
just a jailer, checking in
and you’re adding to my sentence
as I fall in love again…

There’s no reason for my madness
it’s a form of self abuse
I can’t block you from my vision
I have tried, it’s just no use
so the best that I can hope for
is to love you as my friend
‘till the currents start to change,
and you go rushing off again….

Secret of life

secret of life

Secret of life

If I love you extra hard
will you feel it over there
between the daily drumming of life
and the quiet gazing of the moon
will you hear the echo in my chest
from a heart that beats alone
a cavernous craving..
for you.
Won’t you come to me soon
in my simple world
nothing is simple
about love…