Summer’s Rainbow







( A song I wrote in the early 1980’s )

Summer’s Rainbow

The last time I held you
You weren’t really mine
but I asked you to call me
if you ever got the time
I don’t know where we’re going,
or what is real
I just live for the moment
and for what I feel
But I won’t stay till the morning, if you
say you’d rather wake up here alone…
but I’ll be sleeping by the phone

Tomorrows such a long time
I hate to say goodbye
but it’s time for the poets
to go home again and cry
well, you’re not gonna see me
wait around no more
all this time leaves me wondering
what I’m waiting for
and I’d search out all my answers, baby
if I only knew which way to go…
but I’m not sure I want to know

The loneliness upon us
we’re living half afraid
of the feelings now inside us
and the ones that never stayed
should we chase summer’s rainbow out across the sea
or just lie back and wonder where the end might be
well, I know these things I’m dreaming lately
aren’t making any sense at all…
but I’ll be waiting for your call
I’ll be waiting for your call..

Love Defined


Love Defined

there’s no truth
that I seek
in your eyes..

I just hope to capture
the color of love
when you smile.

you may go…
lots of people go…
where and why
is often better told
in retrospect

but tonight
you have arrived

and here and now,
from your lips

I’m counting the heartbeats
muffled gasps…

the Morse code
of love

I Want To Kiss You There


I Want To Kiss You There

maybe Barcelona
or a chalet by the sea
in a cabin on a mountain
where you’re waiting there for me
everybody has a fantasy
a place they want to share
please give me some direction
cause I want to kiss you there…

could it be the moonlight
or a sunrise by the bay
maybe somewhere simple
like my beat up Chevrolet
or deep inside a canyon
with my fingers in your hair
temperatures are rising
and I want to kiss you there…

lips of silent lovers
writing novels when they touch
words of reassurance
never comfort very much
but I know just the place
to leave you breathlessly aware
lay down here beside me
cause I want to kiss you there…





soft hands,
full of hopefulness
match your eyes
of humble desire
so well…

and I have
the perfect garden
to plant them in.

is not tomorrow,
for tomorrow
never is…

there is plenty
of sunshine

and I have a
sprinkler can
full of

just waiting
for your
soft hands…

to open..

Late Show


Late Show

the walking wounded wander
in a midnight masquerade
seeking years of missing memories
and the dues that go unpaid
wishing life had steered them better
when the road split long ago
as they struggle with their luggage
in another late, late show

I stumbled on your picture
with your eyes so warm and bright
where I loved to gaze for hours
with your arms around me tight
I was young and on a mission
treating life as day to day
you were looking for tomorrow
as I let you slip away

now, life’s the patient teacher
as we choose our lessons well
and I took the inner journey
and I rode the carousel
and, although I want for nothing
I still have a wish or two
like a “late show” happy ending
that I’d love to share with you

Sunshine Lady


Sunshine Lady

I never should have expected
when rain turned to rainbows…
you’d stay…
you’re a sunshine lady
on and on
you shine…

I’ll miss your giggle…
funny shaped toes
crawling up my leg
in secluded café corners…
the nights at the bay
when we could still see tomorrow
before the fog
rolled in…

it was so thick at times,
I had to reach out
to you,
to make sure you were still there…

I think God made mornings
to remind us
that life is always new…
that life is new all ways…
and though I love the smell
of rain swept avenues…
I do miss
my sunshine lady…


I’ll Give You Autumn…


I’ll Give You Autumn…

I’ll give you autumn…
it’s all I know…

when touch
dreams taste,
and longing
is measured in moons
and late night
cups of coffee..

I still have you.

to dream to

in iridescent oils
and wandering
scents of spring

when love might call me home…

is always the right direction
for dreaming…

but, till then
I’ll give you autumn…
its all I know…

and my one word
of love…