Summer’s Rainbow







( A song I wrote in the early 1980’s )

Summer’s Rainbow

The last time I held you
You weren’t really mine
but I asked you to call me
if you ever got the time
I don’t know where we’re going,
or what is real
I just live for the moment
and for what I feel
But I won’t stay till the morning, if you
say you’d rather wake up here alone…
but I’ll be sleeping by the phone

Tomorrows such a long time
I hate to say goodbye
but it’s time for the poets
to go home again and cry
well, you’re not gonna see me
wait around no more
all this time leaves me wondering
what I’m waiting for
and I’d search out all my answers, baby
if I only knew which way to go…
but I’m not sure I want to know

The loneliness upon us
we’re living half afraid
of the feelings now inside us
and the ones that never stayed
should we chase summer’s rainbow out across the sea
or just lie back and wonder where the end might be
well, I know these things I’m dreaming lately
aren’t making any sense at all…
but I’ll be waiting for your call
I’ll be waiting for your call..

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