sunday morning, 600AM
straight out of your dreamlike existence
here you are again
filling my head with unmentionable thoughts
scratching my back
with your passionate words
your long fingers
counting out the reasons
why love needs
to seek love
to feel love

I see you
I feel you
but, still I want to breathe you

many lives go unchanged
in part, because of needs
but change is the only
certain thing
after all

we live
miles away
but there are
only inches
between our hearts
and I have my ear
on your chest
listening intently..

I don’t want
to miss
a single beat…


3 thoughts on “beat

    • wchimesjim says:

      Hi Maryum. I’m well. I had to put my faithful dog to sleep last week, so the heartache continues. But really I’m ok, just not feeling very creative lately. How about you ? How are you doing ? Are you tired of winter yet ? 😛😛 I can’t wait to start my garden in spring. It’s always so nice to hear from you, 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Maryum Khalid says:

        Hi. Wow Jim- a mother and your sweet dog- two beloveds in a short time. I’m so sorry. Hugs hugs hugs.
        This past October, my cat died of a tragic accident. I still haven’t processed it.
        I’m okay..2016 and 2017 were such hit after another but I donno, I think that is life and I still want to live and love.
        Yes, the day that snow froze and turned to ice and you have to drive and walk on it..that’s the day I got tired of winter!!
        I pray you are safe, and ok and content.


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