You Have Been My Pleasure


You Have Been My Pleasure

you have been my pleasure
though I’ve never kissed your face
drawing out the deeper feelings
framed in taffeta and lace
naming all the stars in heaven
catching snowflakes on your tongue
spreading wisdom of the ages
with a heart forever young

you have been my pleasure
in my late night bungalow
where I chase you through the moonlight
blowing kisses, apropos
stealing halos from the angels
too amused to even care
giving love a definition
leaving springtime in the air

you have been my pleasure
though our hands may never touch
I have held your welcome spirit
I have learned from you , so much
in another place and playground
I’ll be waiting on the swing
for your pieces of the poems
and the happiness they bring…




clouds rush past
on a silvery night
too busy for small talk
with the moon

late night expectations
and faraway smiles
from a land called “you”
I wonder..
does love really have a plan ?

so many sad faces
and unfulfilled dreams
compromised hearts
and tears in the night..

tonight, I’ll hold court
in the chambers of my heart
and testify
as an expert witness
that love
is always

Spring… ( could be your middle name )


( could be your middle name )

Spring could be your middle name
so sweet, so fresh and new
with love that plants new life in me
and feeds on thoughts of you
a sunkist flower in the frost
excited by the view
go spread your beauty in the world
as angels often do…

flame could be the word I use
to share the way I feel
the burning love inside my heart
that flesh and bones conceal
to light the way with trust so deep
and secrets all revealed
and pants of passion in the night
with kisses so surreal…

seasons come and seasons go
as lovers chase their dreams
and fall like leaves, from tired trees
to rapid flowing streams
lets hold on tight, with all our might
and weather every storm

spring could be your middle name
come close and keep me warm…

finding the time for love



finding the time for love


breathing pure words
on a playful background,
you are in me
once again

rattling all the doors
and windows
I hear symphonies
but, you make
not a sound

gathering minutes
in a basket full of holes
love is like liquid
when it’s warm
and shouldn’t it always be warm ?

deny nothing from your heart, love
for it wants
to know
about the wanting
and the waning..
the intimate whimpers,
and the crumpled sheets
in morning
from the shadows in the night

and always,
find the time..
for love..





after the moon goes in
it’s all about you..

on this cool night
the stars
rub closer together
sparking my
lighting up my senses
intuition overdrive..
and you come through,
peacefully aware
that love is the prize,
life is the game
everyone has an equal chance
to win

our paths may be different
and the mountain is high
but I can smell you in the woods
your laughter fills the streams
and the birds sing sonnets
about your eyes
and implore me
to delve deeper…






I’m always just fine
until the stars show up..
that’s when you flood my mind
kind smiler,
peaceful whisperer,
and what do you have to do with the stars anyway ?
maybe it’s the way they love to see themselves
reflected in your eyes
or how they always seem to form an arrow
pointing the way to you
I don’t know
but here they come …
and there I go again…
dreaming forbidden dreams
where love rules the world
and soft lips are the only penalty
for my crimes…
thirty kisses,
no chance of parole

when the cool air returns
sometimes I ache
for a forgotten time
perhaps a lifetime or two ago
when her warm arms
were the only comfort I needed
her soul, my food
and the reason for living,
for loving…
the details are fuzzy, you understand
yet at times, .
they come within teasing distance
when the stars show up…




you twist clouds
around your finger
splashing your hands
in the bay
and smearing
the sun

undefined colors
are colors
none the less

everyone has fears.
I fear I’ll find
“the one”
and not know it…
passing up a
tongue tied moment
while forever
slips away…

I dance on the line
of too much
and not enough

I don’t dance well,
mind you,
just well enough
to not
fall off…

Play Me


Play Me

Your hair falls on your shoulders
like the gentle mist of dawn
and though I love the morning
I know you will soon be gone
Both hiding painful smiles
as the minutes tick away
and hearts so full of fire
still so many words to say….

I try to drink your image
and my gaze falls on your hands
so soft and full of music
play me all that I can stand
though time just doesn’t seem to be
the friend we need right now
it’s just a midnight mile
to forever, anyhow….

forget me not in silence
let the wind caress your face
the gentle way I do it
that no distance can erase
I know I own the lyrics
and I’ll keep them here for when
I softly hear the music
and you play me…..
once again….