I’m always just fine
until the stars show up..
that’s when you flood my mind
kind smiler,
peaceful whisperer,
and what do you have to do with the stars anyway ?
maybe it’s the way they love to see themselves
reflected in your eyes
or how they always seem to form an arrow
pointing the way to you
I don’t know
but here they come …
and there I go again…
dreaming forbidden dreams
where love rules the world
and soft lips are the only penalty
for my crimes…
thirty kisses,
no chance of parole

when the cool air returns
sometimes I ache
for a forgotten time
perhaps a lifetime or two ago
when her warm arms
were the only comfort I needed
her soul, my food
and the reason for living,
for loving…
the details are fuzzy, you understand
yet at times, .
they come within teasing distance
when the stars show up…


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