About Jim


Jim Morton, aka Wchimesjim, has been writing lyrics and poetry most of his life. Writing online on sites such as Lovestories.com and Gypsywriters.com, he has won recognition and many awards . In July 2004, he won American Songwriting Magazine’s Lyric Competition with his poem/lyric “Bluesy Guitar “.  In 2001, he self-published his 1st of  4 poetry books ” Remnants of the Night “, followed by ” Kisses In The Wind ” (2002) ,  I’ll Give You Autumn” (2003) and ” Let’s Make Memories “in 2004 .  The writings on these pages are from those books as well as some new ones never published . New York born , Jim now resides in North Georgia .  Email him at wchimes3@yahoo.com .

7 thoughts on “About Jim

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have two of your books ( which you were kind enough to autograph for me), Kisses in the Wind and I’ll Give You Autumn which I dearly love. Have you published any more books of poetry and if so where can they be purchased? I too have a couple of books of poetry in print which makes reading your work want me to continue writing and improving my own .I hope to hear back from you when you are able and thank you in advance for a response.


    • wchimesjim says:

      Thanks for asking. I also published ” Let’s make Memories ” in 2005, but I stopped selling them on Amazon when I pretty much stopped writing years ago. Life got in the way. I also miss writing, and I hoped that by posting some of my old poems, I might reignite the spark. Most of the poems from the last book I will post here too. Thanks for asking. Tell me about your books too ? Jim


  2. wchimesjim says:

    Hi Vergielyn, I followed you last year and I thought you disappeared. I am happy to see you again. What an interesting occupation you chose, a much needed void to fill I am sure. I imagine you are very busy. My wife is from the northern provinces, specifically Pennarubi,Abra . I have spent time in the Philippines and I loved Baguio City. Her family is in Cavite now. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see more of you here.


    • wchimesjim says:

      Mostly I was trying to be a songwriter in my younger years , many of these rhyming ones are unfinished songs. That being said, I was terrible in English as a young Catholic school student and my teacher ( nun ) would let us write religious poems for extra credit 😆😆 That was my true start. I still suck at English. Preposition, pronoun, participle these are a foreign language to me. True story.


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