Christmas In Your Eyes


Christmas In Your Eyes

Winter’s chill is in the air
and lonely hearts are everywhere
they search the faces in the crowd
and fight the urge to cry out loud
and slowly wander home to pray
that love will come, and love will stay
for love’s the one and only thing
they hope that Christmas morn will bring.

I’ve shopped for presents, hung the lights
and lived a thousand lonely nights
wrapped the boxes, tied the bows
and second-guessed the paths I’ve chose
I’ve built beginnings from the ends
and gave the time to help a friend
but never did I realize
that I’d find Christmas.. in your eyes..

Life is funny, love is tough
the rules are never clear enough
the greatest struggles love demands
are simply softened, holding hands
now you’ve got wishes, I’ve got dreams
with rainbows in our color scheme
of moonlit walks and starry skies
since I’ve found Christmas.. in your eyes..

you’re such a heaven-sent surprise.