and unforgiving
you scratch at my heart

knowing what’s right
yet, knowing what’s right

neither comes true

you’re already part
of my space

waiting for time
to catch up…




you taught me altitudes
while I was exploring depths
and the beauty of summer nights
while I waited for fall

“There’s no time like the present,
….. to breathe,” I said.

but you were marking off the days
to forever…
and never heard me sigh..

love listens hard to silence.

It’s my kite flying…
you’re holding the string…




I stand outside your circle
where the weather’s getting rough
and say my prayers in silence
that you’re standing strong enough
it’s time for making choices
and your heart deserves some peace
I hope you find the answers
that will bring you such release

I stand outside your circle
though you think I’ve gone away
I’ve packed my overnight bag
cause it’s here I plan to stay
there’s much to much confusion
I don’t need to cause you more
I stand outside your circle
where I keep the walls secure

although you’re feeling empty
and enveloped by the rain
it’s time to push the clouds away
and trust in love again
the storm may blow around you
but you’re anchored safe near shore
I’ll stand outside your circle
till’ you’re circling no more

I stand outside your circle
because that’s what friends are for…


Quieter Trails


Quieter Trails

about October
clinging tightly to the trees

when love comes
full circle
surprising me from behind

I never asked for introspection
I wouldn’t trade it now
for the world…

it has raised an eyebrow
or two
as I left the crowd
for quieter trails

is the first gift
you give yourself

is everything else…





While He looks down on you,
and I imagine looking up at you,
it’s hard not to feel the possibilites,
the alternatives, the options
never allowed to be spoken

But I feel them, I confess..

If I close my eyes,
I can feel your weight on me
And it’s not just a physical thing..
I can hear our laughter
bouncing off the buildings at night,
I can taste the food from your fingers,
Our every breath , praising Him

But, I’ve read the Book
I know the rules
And I would never break them.

And yet, what if we make a mistake ?
Will He have the mercy to put us back on the path,
does He have a plan we cannot change with bad decisions..
we’re only human , after all.

Meanwhile, I remain..
so grateful for your friendship,
in awe of your faith
and speechless when you wear those glasses….

and always here….


and praying for mercy.